Blue Tiger's Eye Cuff

SKU: FC-B-B-B-C-075
Height: 1.25 Inches
Width: 3.00 Inches
Depth: 0.25 Inches
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A smooth unisex cuff,  created with blue tiger's eye & bronze. 

Blue tiger's eye healing properties

  • ◇wisdom ◇integrity ◇ truth ◇ love, ◇ emotional healing ◇ mental organization ◇Balance 
  • eases eye problems

    increase physical strength & vitality.

    reduces stress & anxiety 

    increasing a calm, peaceful feeling. 

    can help illuminate issues that may have been difficult for us to see.

To clean, soak in a bowl of water w/ bar keepers friend [from Target] for 20 mins or more. Shake the bowl to periodically to mix up the solution.. Rinse thuroughly.

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