Tree Agate Pyramid Necklace

Height: 1.00 Inches
Width: 1.00 Inches
Depth: 1.00 Inches
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Metal (required)
Chain length

This ancient futuristic design reflects supreme wisdom, royalty, & heritage. It also represents wealth & power. 

 Tree Agate Healing Properties:

  • a stone of inner tranquility
  • Calms the nerves, making you able to focus on oneness, dissolve egoism and arrogance.
  • It brings clarity and stability in mind, overcomes the negative emotions and infuses love into the chakras.
  • helps in achieving stability and balance in almost all the aspects of life. 
  • Strengthens Relationships: it makes it easier to get out of emotional pains and resolve the emotional problems. 
  • helps in getting rid of the antagonism, hostility and the animosity. 
  • Helps to achieve the best meditation
  • brings positive energy in every aspect of the life of the person who wears it. There will be more love, kindness and forgiveness in the person who carries it
  • "According to Feng Shui, the tree agate infuses the energy of nature into the person who carries it. To get the best results of tree agate, as far as wealth is concerned, one has to meditate with it regularly. While meditating with this stone you have to sit down quietly & calmly and breathe while imaging the white light of your spirit."   [Description from Gemexi]

To clean: soak in concentrated or fresh diluted lemon juice for 10 mins. Or use a generous  amount of bar keepers friend [target] in a shall cup/bowl of water.

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