The Sun of RA: MJ (Michael Jackson)

SKU: FC-A-O-M-0-365
Height: 12.00 Inches
Width: 12.00 Inches
Depth: 2.00 Inches
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An original painting by Fanta Celah. 

Medium: Oil & Acrylic on canvas, Gallery wrapped

'The Sun of RA: MJ,' is a painting, honor the genius and pure spirit, by the name of Michael Jackson. Fanta chose the 'Thriller,' pigmented version of our champion. He's wearing King Tut's collar, and he has sun rays behind is head. In ancient Kemet, they deified their pharaohs, by creating an immaculate conception birth story. The artist did this to show gratitude for all that MJ was trying to do for humanity, through his music. (Man in the Mirror, Black & White, Remember the Time.)

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