Pyrite Chandelier Earrings

Height: 4.00 Inches
Width: 1.50 Inches
Depth: 0.25 Inches
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Spice up your life with these pyrite & quartz earrings! Created with copper, bronze, or your favorite metal. 

Crystal healing properties:

  • Pyrite: Attracts prosperity & positivity, relieves anxiety & depression, enhances psychic abilities》 a protective stone, it shields the user from negative energy of all kinds. 》blocks energy leaks and mends auric tears. 》Carry Pyrite in your pocket to protect you from both environmental pollution and physical danger.》 Pyrite also promotes good physical health & emotional well-being.
  • Quartz: a power stone /the "Universal Crystal".》 It enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. 》Because it directs and amplifies energy, it is extremely beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection, and channeling

To clean: soak in lemon juice, either bottled or fresh. 

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