Pearl Shaped Crystal Ring

SKU: FC-R-P-B-C-001
Height: 0.30 Inches
Width: 0.70 Inches
Depth: 1.00 Inches
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Choose your favorite crystal and metal. Pictured: A Shungite ring, set in bronze, blue lace agate in sterling silver,  lapis in bronze, and  a diamond cut smokey quartz, created with sterling silver.

Copper is great for arthritis and other joint issues becasue it increases the circulation of the blood. 

Shungite healing properties:
•☆has a detoxifying and purifying effect on the mind, body and spirit
•☆is also known to minimize the effect of EMFs, or electric and magnetic fields, emitted by your electronics.
•☆boosts all energy levels
•☆soothes insomnia
•☆relieves stress & anxiety
•☆filters, purifies water
•☆ balances root chakra, too help you feel rooted & protected

To clean all metals, soak in a bowl of hot water with the cleaning solution, called bar keepers friend, for 5-15mins. Rinse thuroughly.

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