Green Jasper Ring

Height: 2.00 Inches
Width: 0.60 Inches
Depth: 0.30 Inches
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Fc crystal rings are to LIVE for! Created with copper & Sterling silver [pictured.]

To clean, apply 'bar keepers friend' to a tooth brush, and scrub the ring thuroughly, then rinse. Or soak in a cup of lemon juice for 10 mins.

Green Jasper healing properties

  • ♥ Relaxation ♥ Contentment ♥ Compassion ♥ Nurturing ♥ Consolation ♥ Tranquility ♥ Healing ♥ Completion ♥ Protection ♥ Grounding
  • Chakras - Heart Chakra
  •  a stone of balance that heals & releases disease &obsession. 
  • It boosts the immune system & detoxifies all the body’s systems. 
  • Protects against pollution. 
  • treats skin disorders & dispels bloating. 
  • It heals ailments of the upper torso, the digestive tract, & the purifying organs.


Copper healing properties

  • As a conductor of energy, when used with earthly crystals it intensifies, enhances & channels their properties.
  • Copper is thought to assist the body with repairing tissues, oxygenating the blood, easing arthritis, strengthening the female reproductive system & increasing vitality.

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