Coral, Shungite, & Cowrie Shell Galaxy Earrings

Height: 2.50 Inches
Width: 1.00 Inches
Depth: 0.50 Inches
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These Coral, Shungite & Cowrie Shell Galaxy Earrings are everything! They are surprisingly lightweight. 

Shungite healing properties:

  • ○ Detox for the mind, body, & soul ○EMF protection: radiation from cellphones
  • ○Protection & grounding ○Acts as a conductor & amplifier of your energy
  • ○Helps your energy focus on your desired outcome ○Promotes healthy growth & healing
  • ○Contains Fullerenes: an antioxidant that is said to Purifies water for bathing or for elixirs
  • ○Embodies ancient mystical energy  ○Corrects any imbalances in the energy body to create overall balance
  • ○Brings one back to the Earth. ○Helps with anxiety, insomnia, & inflammation 


  • ○Absorbs negative energy ○Platonic love ○ Friendship ○Community ○ Creativity  Passion ○ Romantic love ○ Wisdom ○Optimism ○ Enthusiasm ○ Balance ○Relaxation ○ Protection ○ Safe travel on water


  • Signifies oppulence, love, divinity, power, wealth and fertility.

To clean: use a q-tip to topically apply Bar keepers friend to the bronze or copper metal, then rinse thoroughly. 

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