12 X 12 Mother Earth I: LIFE

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Height: 12.00 Inches
Width: 12.00 Inches
Depth: 0.40 Inches
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A Limited edition, signed print of an original painting by Fanta Celah.   Printed on 16lb gloss cardstock.

"Life," is a part collection, called "Love letter to the Ancestors. " Since Fanta is a reiki energy healer, her intention is to help the evolutionary process of humanity.  So natural elements and colors are strategically added to enhance the vibrational healing qualities of her art.  
In this series,  Fanta Celah incorporated Divine messages in hieroglyphics. As decedent's of the kemetic (egyptian) lineage, utilizing out ancient language resignates very strongly with our psyche. In the 4 part series,  I have written the words, "Life," "Glory," "Joy," & "Eternity" in hieroglyphics.  The translation is always written on the side of the painting. 
I also added sacred 3-dimensional items, including peackock feathers, Cowrie shells, crystals, and recycled metal. The peacock feather signifies vision, royalty, spirituality, awakening, guidance, protection, patience, kindness, luck, & Watchfulness. The Cowrie shell represents the power over your destiny,  wealth, royalty, protection, sensuality, & fertility.  Copper represent optimism & flexibility. The Pyrite crystals that I add promote prosperity, positivity, it enhances psychic abilities,  and it helps alleviate depression & anxiety.
Then the colors that I used in the painting represent a Harmony with the earth (& yourself.) But the green hue adds an extra amazing vibe. Exuding healing, prosperity,  & love energy.



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